Patient care

Increasingly patients from abroad are looking for renowned German clinics.

The performance and quality standards of German doctors and clinics enjoy an excellent reputation in the Arab world.
More and more patients consider Germany as their first choice for a treatment stay.
In order to fulfill all your requirements from German clinics also the language and to benefit from the knowledge and experience of German clinics, we will make the connections and handle the entire communication as well as the correspondence with the clinics and doctors for you.
You can calmly take care of your health; we take care of the rest.

Patient placement / Support of Arab patients in Germany

The medical treatment in Germany is very efficient, the patient care is excellent.

  • Driving and interpretation services are available for you and of course to your family.
  • We will pick you up and your family from the airport and take you to the already reserved hotel by us.
  • We discuss the procedure and the pick-up time for the next day.
  • We accompany you to the checkup and the initial consultation with the doctor; translate the checkup results as well as other proposed steps.

That is our goal

  • We can make your stay in Germany to be a good experience for you. /li>
  • After the successful treatment, rehabilitation will often take place; we can also book it in Germany as well as other European and non-European countries.

Rehabilitation / Medical Wellness

  • The rehabilitation or cure is an important and helpful continuation of the treatment.
  • We arrange what is suitable for you.

Focus points

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Treatment of obesity by the most modern and successful methods.
  • Cosmetic consultations and treatments.

Health care and nutrition

  • Nutrition and obesity
  • Medical reports
  • Surgical reports
  • Patient accompaniment and interpretation services
  • Hospital management
  • Patients management
  • Care facility concept and planning documentation
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