For certified translations, sworn translators are used, which have been appointed by the competent district courts.

Do you need translations?

For certified translations, sworn translators are used, which have been appointed by the competent district courts.

Quality translation

We will be certified soonest according to DIN EN 17100!
A good translation is a result of:
-Correct and professional application of the technical language
-Consideration of the cultural aspects in translation
-Corrections and style capture, to meet the requirements of ISO standard 17100
and the quality management objectives of our company.
Our references in this field reflect the satisfaction of our clients.
We provide a pool of interpreters and translators, who jointly have over 200 years of work experience.

Urgent Translations

Translations within the shortest time
We can translate your documents very quickly (within a few hours).
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Technical translations

Engineers from the fields of electrical, construction and vehicle technology and others are guarantors of adequate professional translations.
We translate professionally in the fields of:
- Vehicle technology
- Energy plants
- Desalination plants
- Waste management
- Waste water treatment plants
- Packaging and logistics
- Textile industry
- Pharmacy and medicine
And of course the associated environmental management.
We can translate your documents very quickly (within a few hours).
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Medical Technology
  • Medical devices and their user manual.
  • Laboratory technical equipment
  • Radiological equipment
  • Produktspezifische Beschreibungen
  • Beipackzettel von Arzneimitteln
  • Ausschreibungen und Versorgungskataloge

Translations of

  • Ingredients
  • Applications
  • Catalogs
Non Profit Organizations
  • Planning
  • Concepts
  • Call for donations
  • Marketing and advertisement
Certified translations

Sworn in Germany, Syria, USA and Egypt we cover a large field.
We translate and certify diplomas, documents, powers of attorney, documents of all kinds and certificates.

Legal translations

Our specialists strive to organize and subdivide the legal fields of work such as general terms and conditions, laws and judgments.
We can also offer to certify legal translations for the following documents or branches:
• Contracts of all kinds
• FAQ - most frequently asked questions
• Terms and conditions
• Contracts, orders
• Rights and Powers of attorney
• Certificates
• Purchase agreements
• Confidentiality agreements
• Court decisions
• Complaints, claims
• Laws or law texts
• Norms and rules
• Wills
• Notary documents
• Assets documents
•and many others

Economical translations

Here we are extremely well positioned.
In Frankfurt, where we are located, the City of Banks, the Stock Exchange, the Medical University, Exhibitions and related conferences, we regularly carry out economical and medical translations. We translate financial statements and market analyzes for foreign and local companies, their scopes and tax accounting balance sheet etc.
Frequent assignments are:
-Financial statements
-Stocks report
-Monthly, quarterly and annual reports
-Investment reports
- Investment queries from the open market
-Funds and investment brochures
-Risk analysis
Our clients rely on the accuracy of our translation and derive no inadequate conclusions.
These translations are characterized by an appealing quality.

Medical translations

Medical translations of medical reports are mainly provided by doctors.
Clinical and similar studies from pharmacists.
In special cases medical lawyers are also available.
The program includes translations of:
•Scientific articles and research results
•Applications for scholarships
•Special disciplines such as laboratory medicine, diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine are also translated with graphics and images and prepared for printing with the desired layout.
•Clinical studies Phase I to V
•Websites and others

Corrections & Proofreading

Corrections (proofreading)

During corrections, your texts are checked for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Simple correction

We check your text and correct if necessary, so that you get a respectable result.

Correction based on the comparison

We check your text compared to the original text.


With proofreading we optimize your work.
We check your templates for orthography, punctuation, hyphenation and grammar.


WEB search engine optimization in different languages.

Translation services includes:

Certified and uncertified translations in the fields of:

  • Law
  • Technology
  • Medicine
  • and general translations (driving licenses, identity cards, etc.)
  • Corrections and proofreading.
  • Printable layout by our designer and layout engineer.
  • Our layout engineer will plot tailor-made solutions for you.

Creation or correction of your curriculum vitae (CV)

Also for an application in Germany or another country, a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is essential.
We can create, correct, or simply translate country-specific resumes.

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